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You know what, you aint shit for making me start to question my supreme hatred of Mellie. I was perfectly content with despising her for the rest of the series for being a wifestress and getting in the way of Olitz but now I'm all curious and frowny. Damn you and your insightful comments!
jazzypom jazzypom Said:

OMG, anon, I’m sooooo sorry!

It’s just that I do find every single character in this show desperately interesting, and Mellie especially so. I do think she’s a provocative question especially when it comes to her intellect and her taking advantage of the opportunities presented to her (she got a law degree from a prestigious school, is brighter than her husband) but deigned to have children for Fitz’s political career  (She could have stopped at one - then lavish that one with the best education that money can buy). She’s not HRC’s age (Mellie is what, mid to late 40s), so she’d have come of age when running for political office wasn’t an abstract thought, but a distinct possibility.

Mellie has limited herself, and as such, is frustrated with ambitions as yet to be fulfilled. She’s a FLOTUS, but rejects the office for what it is, instead of using it to shore up her own fortunes when her husband has left the office. On one hand, she embraces the history of the role - the women as mouth piece (FLOTUS Wilson),  as the steady hand that rocks the cradle (Dolley Madison as the woman who had the wits to rescue an important painting and some documents whilst the WH was under attack from the British), and yet, she’s chaffing at the bit due to the limitations of her role.  

Mellie, you know the role of the first lady, use it for what it is. It’s not to co President (no matter what allegedly happened with the Reagans, just no), but use the platform for causes nearest and dearest to one’s heart- and then make it policy and a political imperative. Eleanor Roosevelt was pretty forward thinking with race relations, had her own work and writings. Hillary Rodham Clinton got pilloried for floating the first attempt at a Health Care law but when she put her stall out for the Senate and the White House years later, it was still her cri de coeur. What’s yours, Mellie, what is YOURS? 

Mellie needs to know her role. Once she does, Fitz and Olivia won’t be her concern, because it was never about Fitz. Nor Olivia. 

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